Riding Lessons


Western Style Semi-private lessons are given in the indoor arena or outdoor ring on well-trained horses, chosen for each rider's abilities.

Beginners will learn horse safety, grooming, tack knowledge and riding horse at a walk.
Intermediate riders will build on the beginner level skills, ground skills, and riding horse at a trot.
Advanced riders will move to higher levels with the instructors approval, building on intermediate skills, riding horse at a canter.
Rates for students ages 7 years through adult (165 pounds maximum weight limit for riders.)
$35 Beginner 1 hour lesson Each student will have his/her own instructor for the hour.
$35 Group 1 hour lesson (4 students with two instructors) Advancement to group must be approved by instructor and the move is mandatory.
$70 Private 1 hour lesson

$25 Walk-Beside 1/2 hour lesson for students ages 3 years through 6 years. These students may be offered some time without the instructor walking beside them with the instructor's approval.

Safety Requirements

Safety is extremely important to us, therefore all students must abide by the following guidelines at all times.

Long pants must be worn.

Hard soled riding shoes or boots with heels must be worn -- No Sneakers!

ATSM/SEI approved helmets MUST be worn when mounted on a horse. Helmets may be rented for $2.00 per lesson.

Barn and horse safety rules (posted, written, or verbal instruction) must be followed at all times.


If you need to cancel or change your lesson, please give at least 8 hours notice so we can adjust staffing. Repeated (the second and subsequent) failure to give at least 8 hours notice WILL RESULT in the student being charged for the missed lesson. The student will not be allowed to take another lesson until the missed lesson fee is paid. A "no show" will result in the student's normally scheduled lesson time being forfeited and the student will not be allowed to take another lesson until the missed lesson fee is paid.

Call or text Shara at 502-523-3360 (text or voice) or email her at huntersbrookfarm@yahoo.com.

Hunt Seat or English Riding Lessons

Student must be at least 15 years old and possess intermediate or advanced riding skills. Contact Shara for additional information. Arrangements may be made to bring your horse for the lessons.